Sacred fire – synopsis

Sacred fire – synopsis

CARVER, a vengeful vet, and his wife LILIAN, a Nietzchian philosopher, lead an army of crooks, criminals, thieves, hackers and artists. Their goal is to shake the system and the traditional, individualist minds. They do not believe in any political nor religious system, which makes them unpredictable: everything is destroyable to them; nothing is sacred. Their only hope is that chaos will bring people together.

They are helped by the street artist DWAYNE, who thinks of recruiting in prison. Dwayne and Lilian have a hard time getting along with Carver’s protégée, THOMAS, a maniac, nerd and gamer who collects weapons and uniforms from his favorite video games. And both Dwayne and Thomas drool over the PR, JULIETTE, a very polite and agile bank robber, who obtains what she wants either by her looks or by violence.

As their actions escalate, several governments form a special task force to help them, bringing together FBI, MI6, FSB, etc. NADYA specializes in terrorism and resolution of conflict whereas BRUNO is a UN diplomat who has been employed in secret negotiations all over the world. Their quarrels are softened by CALA, a princessy behavioral, marketing and trendmark expert, who knows all about “the sort of smelly hipsters who are doing this”. The hardest man to work with on their team in ALAN, Black Ops, who pretends to party all day and all of the nights (traumatized by some deep dark memories) in order to spy on them. He is authorized to kill any of them at any time.

Those two teams will grow, fight against each other but also influence each other, in a duel that opposes dogmas versus freedom, systems versus anarchism, and violence versus violence.

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