When her mystical and altruistic grandmother, Maria Elena, is taken to the hospital, Isabel hesitates on whether she should fly out of New York, where she is working hard towards a promotion. She decides to stay… and Maria Elena dies. Back in Los Angeles, Isabel meets with her ex-girlfriend and grandfather’s will executor, Dulce. She is the only heir to Maria Elena’s fortune – millions and millions of dollars – but the will states one condition: in order to get that money, Isabel will have to spend a year by herself on a mountain. Isabel tries to contest the will in vain. When she is told that she didn’t get the promotion she wanted, she finally accepts the will’s condition and flies out to Mexico.

There, she walks through Maria Elena’s domain with a local guide, Mauricio, who mocks her, and then climbs the mountain by herself until finding the cave. Once she has settled down, Isabel has to protect the cave from the extreme heats and the crazy rains… and learn how to deal with her new roommate: a wounded wolf who will not leave the premises. As for food, she has provisions for two months (less now that she has to share everything with the wolf) and fruits and vegetables seeds. She tries to hunt but feels empathy for his prey. She also deals with a massive storm, scavenging animals, dark nights, a lake inside a weird scary cave, bugs bites, extreme temperatures, hunger and utter loneliness.

Loneliness is the trickiest. Either Isabel is going mad or the world around her is becoming magic. She hears voices and sees ghosts. She sees shapes shifting. Her dead parents keep talking to her from the walls of the cave. From a rock, the voice of her grandmother insists that she should meditate. Girls who she’s had something with mock her and confront her from the trees in the woods: they let packs of leaves fall on her head or embrace her with their branches. Dulce’s spirit appears and they decide to replay the memories they had together, while hiking, to understand why their relationship didn’t work… until Isabel realizes that she still has feelings for her.

Through meditation, singing, dancing, giving tours of her imaginary house to her imaginary guests, organizing banquets and racing against herself in the water, slowly, month after month, Isabel becomes a better human being. However, when she comes down the mountain, she then has to find a way to maintain that peace in the fast and money-oriented world she used to be a part of.

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