Luz and the Magic Owl – synopsis

Luz and the Magic Owl – synopsis

 LUZ is a stuck-up teenage girl who lives in a modern world of technology, productivity and science. She is almost done with high school and ready to follow her father’s recommandations: law school. Her secret dream and passion, however, is taking care of animals, ever since spending the vacations at the grandmother’s house when she was little.

It has been years since they all went there again. She is not that close to her grandmother anymore, nor is she nice to her mother nor her sister AURORA (although she would give her life for her in the blink of an eye). When they arrive to the country house where SOFIA, her grandmother, lives, Luz is in distress: there is no Internet, no electricity, no landline, and her parents leave for a few days because they’re journalists and a big story has come up in Mexico City.

Luz resists the temptation of having fun for days. She spends all of her time in her room, until her perseverant sister gets her to bond. Her affection grows like it used to, and everything feels better, until…

Aurora gets bitten by a scorpio.

Since there is no electricity and no car – the parents took it when they went away – Aurora is bound to die. The venom is too fast for Luz to be able to do anything. She grows mad. That’s when a woman who has been visiting her dreams often appears. She is CATERINA, the Goddess of Death, and she offers Luz a deal. If Luz agrees to travel through Mexico and save a magic owl that was stolen from her, then Caterina will stop time long enough for Luz to get an antidote for her sister.

This being her only chance to save her sister, Luz accepts and leaves.

In the forest, she meets ORLANDO, the Goddess’ son, a weird teenager who talks too much and transforms into a dozen animal shapes without being able to fully control it. He’s on a quest too and insists on going with Luz.

Together, they walk through the enchanted forest, where Luz connects with some deep magic that she has had in her since her birth. They face the sun of the dried roads, between burnt crops and fleeing families. They almost die in the hands of a wicked witch in a charming bed and breakfast. They encounter what they’ve been looking for and both feel betrayed right when they were about to win.

Finally, they save thousands of life when they reach togetherness, love and faith.

Luz brings back the Owl and saves her sister. And after finishing high school, she comes back to live in Mexico, in her grandmother’s house, where she learns everything and more about the forests’ animals. She and Orlando get married and live happily ever after.

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