Luz and the Magic Owl – first pages

Luz and the Magic Owl – first pages




A dark, chilly forest. Between the trees, tiny white clouds. Noises of animals walking around. Branches breaking. Footsteps.

LUZ (16), a beautiful young woman dressed in gray, walks by. She holds a notepad in one hand and a huge watch in the other. She winces to spot something in between the trees.

A four-legged animal runs near her. She sees him in very slow motion, making funny faces and movements, but it’s not funny for her: she’s analyzing everything. The way his back legs move, the crunching of his nose, his long tail, the way his head turns to the right.


(to herself)


Just then, she hears a girl’s voice.





Luz glances around her fast. She doesn’t see anything.



Two lights appear at a distance: one red and one blue. Luz runs in that direction.



A silhouette appears amongst the lights, the silhouette of CATERINA, a tall and elegant woman in a party dress. As Luz walks closer, she sees that beneath the satin hood, Caterina’s head is a skull.


Where is Aurora?


I am waiting for you, guardian.

Luz leaves Caterina behind and keeps running towards the lights.



Caterina appears in strange poses with the weirdest expressions on random branches along the way, both serious and cheeky.


Guardian, you need to save the Owl. I cannot leave the forest. Here is where I take mortals into the next world.

Luz stops to watch Caterina welcome a blue ghost into her arms: they both vanish.

When she turns back towards the blue and red lights, they turn yellow: a strong, blinding yellow.




The backseat of a car. Luz is sleeping in her gray clothes, with saliva drooling out of her mouth.

AURORA (12), a half-Spanish and half-Mexican little girl with a white dress on, is shaking her to wake her up.



Wake up already.

She searches in her backpack and takes an almost empty bottle of water out of it, then wets Luz’ face with it. Luz coughs and opens her eyes. She immediately turns towards Aurora with an angry face, moving to grab her. Aurora gets out of the car in a second and mocks her from the outside.

Behind her, there’s a town square: a green park filled with families and surrounded by food trucks – tacos, corn, ice creams, beverages. There is a party mood and a group is trying to tie between two trees a huge painting.

Walking towards one of the food trucks are ALEJANDRO (50) and LINDA (35), Luz’ and Aurora’s parents. He wears practical reporters’ clothes. She’s in a hippie feminine dress. They walk like a power couple towards the food truck, where Linda talks with lots of smiles to the Mexican that welcomes them.


Luz gets out of the car and walks behind Aurora, who’s randomly making chicken sounds, getting weird amused looks.

On the contrary, Luz is as discreet and invisible as possible. She lets Aurora join their parents and keeps walking by herself towards the huge painting that’s falling down once again on the grass.

She yawns and rubs her eyes. When she opens them again, the painting’s back between the trees. This time, she can clearly see the portrait. She steps back out of surprise. Her heartbeat, loud.

It’s a portrait of Caterina. No possible mistake. It’s the same smiling skullhead wearing a colorful dress and a cape with a hood.

Luz walks a few steps towards the painting but a hand grabs her and she screams.

It’s Linda, followed by Aurora. They both laugh out loud.


Honey, what’s wrong?


Did you see a ghost?

Luz shakes her head. Her face becomes expressionless, the silent teenager way of saying “What do you want?”.

Linda hands her a plastic bag.


One plain bottle of water, no gas, one napkin to scare off the germs and two straws in case one is damaged.


(dead serious)

Mom, it’s three now. Remember the two-straw incident last week?

Luz sighs walk towards her father.

Linda and Aurora look at each other and shrug.

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