Abracadabra – synopsis

Abracadabra – synopsis

Do you remember how hard it was to fit in when you were entering middle school? The games change, the girls start to look pretty, everybody’s body changes and it is all oh so confusing. Now imagine you’re not only going through that, but on top of it, you are a celebrity people make fun of: in a world of sorcerers, you are the only one to have absolutely no magic powers.

That is Saul’s life. To make his life miserable, he can count on his two sisters, the bully of the school, their family dragon that he has to walk around the neighbourhood, and the knowledge that Juliana will never, ever, be interested in him. On the other hand, he’s also got his two adorable parents, who, while trying to help, seem to only embarrass him further, and his two nerdy best friends.

Saul has a heart of gold, an absurdly fast brain, and a mischievous smile. He’s heard all the supermagicians stories. Now he wants to be the first superhero without powers. He begins at his small age by creating gadgets and conducting experiments – who leave him bald, or with a sunburn for a month, or also with a hybrid between a cat and a mouse as a pet. He’s always going somewhere on his skateboard – while all the other kids fly or gently float from place to place.

The truth is that what he dreams of isn’t so much helping people but gaining fame and impressing Juliana. He will have a long way to go before he becomes an actual hero – and some say that for that he will need to uncover the secret of the last woman who was born without powers, a very very old woman born in 1939. As terribly annoying as she is, she will end up being his mentor towards growth, greatness and happiness.

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