Abracadabra – Opening

Abracadabra – Opening

It all starts with a parent holding his son and saying to his wife “Let’s not tell anyone”, followed by a newsflash – cameras and journalists surrounding the family and their two older daughters. The annoyed face of the father. “Are you ashamed of your son?” “Do you think there should be a test during pregnancy? Do you think he will be able to survive without magic?”

A few years later, DORA, one of the sisters, films her brother SAUL (9), using her movie trailer voice: “In a town where everybody was a sorcerer, a tiny useless human being was…” Saul pushes away the camera, which falls down. Dora opens her hand and the camera flies right back up.

Their mother’s voice rises from the kitchen: “Saul, will you walk the dragon?” Saul sighs and goes to the front door. Immediately, a dragon who acts like a dog but spits fire instead of barking comes at his feet and bites his ankle. Ouch.

The father, André, approaches his wife, Electra, in the kitchen. “Why don’t you let one of the girls do it?” Electra answers softly: “He has to learn.” She cuts all of the vegetables from a distance, like a conductor. André takes the meat out of the fridge and grabs a knife in the drawer – he seems surprised by its weight: it is obvious that he hasn’t touched a knife in a long time. Electra stares at him: “What are you doing?” André smiles: “If Saul has to learn how to live like us, we should probably learn how to live like him.”

Outside, Saul is putting out a fire on his pants with a “I’m used to it but it’s still embarrassing” face, while girls his age make fun of him from across the street.

It’s hard being just a boy in a town of sorcerers.

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