Coming-of-age fantasy
Narnia meets Into the wild

To receive millions of dollars of inheritance, a shallow young woman has to spend a year by herself on a mountain. She struggles to survive in the wilderness, face her past and find a way to peace and happiness.

Narnia meets Into the wild.

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Animated adventure
Pan's Labyrinth meets Spirited Away
"Luz and the Magic Owl"

In order to save her little sister’s life, Luz, a stuck-up teenager, has to strike a deal with the Goddess of Death and travel through Mexico on the search for a Magic Owl. On the way, she discovers how to have faith in herself, in people, and in life, thanks to the help of semi-God Orlando, a cheeky and persistent teenager who travels with her.

Pan’s Labyrinth meets Spirited Away.

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Coming-of-age cooking voyage
Julie and Julia meets The perks of being a wallflower
"Twist It"

Eliot tracks down his long-lost cousins, oncles and grandparents to seek the deep family secret that provokes his panic attacks and his mother’s depression. Only when cured, he will be able to fulfil his dream of becoming a chef, food being his comfort and way of expression. What he doesn’t know is that his journey will take him deep into the traumas that still haunt some of the Jewish immigrants in the US.

Julie and Julia meets The perks of being a wallflawer.

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Fantasy romance
Cloud atlas meets Love actually
"Kew Gardens"

An adaptation of Virginia Woolf’s short story Kew Gardens, which shows love in its different stages, from a romantic trip hundreds of years ago in the forests of Uruguay, full of mermaids and tropical roses, to a machine on the bed table that receives electricity from Heaven and lets the widows listen to the voices of their dead husbands.

Cloud Atlas meets Love Actually.