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I was born in Paris, in 1992, after spending hours trying to stay inside the womb.

I grew up in France. Public school system, then a French literature BA from the Sorbonne. I craved to see the world, though. It called me. I lived in Argentina for two years, where I studied film and worked for an animation company. I lived in New York for a year and Los Angeles for two, where I obtained my Screenwriting MFA.

I have travelled throughout Europe, South-Easth Asia, and America. I am now currently living between Paris, Bangkok, and New Delhi.

I started writing when I was a child: poems at first, then short stories, and soon after novels. It is in early adulthood that I discovered the miracle of film collaboration. My first love is literature; its close second is cinema.

Authors who have shaped my vision of life and art are Hesse, Pullman, Lewis, Tolkien, Woolf, Zola, Lessing, Austen, Plato, Kant, Allende, Cortazar, Borges, Garcia Marquez Murakami, Joyce, Tolstoy, and Fitzgerald.

Screenwriters who compel me are the Wachowskis, the Nolans, Paul-Thomas Anderson, Wes Anderson, Andrew Stanton, Hayao Miyazaki, Alex Garland, Alejandro Gonzalez Iñarritu, Alejandro Jodorowski, Guillermo del Toro, Alfonso Cuaron, Anton Goenechea, and Martin McDonagh.

I work fast and well. I am passionate by writing, reading, rewriting, and I have a sharp eye for what can be improved. I can perform those tasks equally well in French, English, and Spanish. I have been told that I deliver detailed coverage in flash speed. I have also been told that my narrative worlds are rich in magic and characters that we want to connect to.

A great idea, and in need for someone to write it?
A current draft, and in need of fresh eyes?

If yes, let’s discuss!

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